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Strategies for Authors and Other Entrepreneurs

May 29, 2019

Valerie walks you through how to assign an ISBN to a book.


Show notes:

Hello Indie Authors!

This is Episode 13, and it's 5/29/2019 as I record this.

Today I'm talking about managing your ISBNs and finalizing your print cover.

But first a personal update:

  • Got some clarity about client work. Created a model calendar. Slowly doing the homework for the business coach I hired.
  • Learning Spanish and bought some children's books from a local independent book store.
  • Got first thoughts back from my Alpha Readers Book Club and put the changes into Scrivener for one of the manuscripts. I have some work to do! One of the things that came back across the board was What Level is the Audience at? And to add examples and definitions. This reminds me that the people I talk to hear on this podcast, on YouTube if you're watching, and in my community are perhaps at different levels. Perhaps there are questions that you need answering. If that is the case, you are welcome to connect with me via email, on Patreon, or through my FB Group The Indie Author Mentor. If you have questions that you'd love to hear me actually talk through, as opposed to emailing you about them. In that case, I hope you'll consider becoming a patron and helping me reach my FIRST Patreon goal. To earn $125 in monthly income from Patreon. When that happens...


  • No NEW PATRONS this week: 
  • Stretch goals: the first one is $125/mo = secret monthly Q&A audio; The support of my patrons on Patreon helps make this show and other projects possible. Plus, being a patron of the arts is a totally cool thing to do. Joining my Patreon community also gets you sneak peeks into my creative world, allows you to interact with me directly, and rewards you with exclusive bonus content you can't get anywhere else. For less than the cost of a tasty hot beverage or a pack of gum, as low as a $1/month, you too can become a patron of the arts, and me! Find me at 

Main topic: managing ISBNs and print cover finalizing