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Strategies for Authors and Other Entrepreneurs

Jun 13, 2019

After an Author Life Update, Valerie talks about the steps to take leading up to your book launch.


Show Notes:

Hello Indie Authors!

This is Episode 15, and it's 6/12//2019 as I record this.

Today I'm talking about steps leading up to Book Launch.

But first Author Life segment:

  • Finished editing another chapter in my How to Write a Novel or Memoir book.
  • Been looking at tile and cabinet catalogs online for the new house.
  • Got our couch! It's beautiful.
  • I'm struggling with getting all the things done. I'm trying to focus more on work times instead of deadlines for my personal work, but my day job (the client work) really vies for space in my schedule and it always feels like something is lacking. I'm good at Positivity and planning for the future and looking forward to where my hard work right now will take me, but sometimes I feel a little scattered. Perhaps I'm just struggling with process.
  • Parenting Fail: I just heard that my son is giving his senior review presentation today at 4 (while I'm getting a pedicure)(headsmack) In my only defense, today's presentation was rescheduled from a previous time that I was available for.
  • Author self-care: Do it. I'll have another episode solely on this topic next season, but for now, I just want to say that the older I get, the more I realize that self-care isn't just a luxury. It really is mandatory for my health, well-being, and productivity. It's no joke anymore.
  • I'M READING: In fiction, White is for Witching. Don't know if I like it yet. Non-fiction: YNAB (You Need a Budget)
  • Went to an editors luncheon and had a few lovely conversations with old colleagues, and new. Had a conversation about audiobooks. That is definitely on the horizon for me. I'm shooting for 2020.
  • In doing the homework for Sweet Spot Strategy, I stumbled upon a cool cool idea for an author service that I'd love to shout to the rooftops, but I won't. It's too new and underdeveloped. Just like not sharing story ideas too soon.
  • I have a couple of editing jobs I'm trying to finish up before I go on vacation on the 22nd.
  • My husband had a birthday on Monday and we celebrated it over the weekend. "I love having birthday weekends," he says. (Aww!)
  • No NEW PATRONS this week, but I hope you'll consider becoming a patron and helping me reach my FIRST Patreon goal. To earn $125 in monthly income from Patreon. When that happens...extra bonus Q&A episode for Patrons only. 
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Resources: Check out two blog articles on the Mailchimp changes. and


Main topic: Book launching, (using slide deck)