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Strategies for Authors and Other Entrepreneurs

Jun 19, 2019

Valerie offers multiple strategies for launching your book and talks about ad stacking.


Show Notes:

Hello Indie Authors!

This is Episode 16, and it's 6/19//2019 as I record this.

Today we're doing Book Launch, Part Two.

But first Author Life segment:

  • Life has been getting in the way and I haven't been working this week on my manuscript. Trying not to beat myself up about it. I told my husband I needed a week off to get ready for the vacation...and remembered I often needed a week off AFTER a vacation to get caught back up. So, note to self--vacations take a huge chunk out of writing and revising time. And brain space.
  • I'll be heading to Minnesota and Wisconsin this weekend, seeing both family and friends. Most of the friends I've seen within the year, but my family--some of them--I haven't seen in ten years or even, in the case of my youngest niece, haven't met at all. So I'm hoping to reconnect with that part of my family.
  • This episode will conclude Season One of The Indie Author Mentor. The podcast will resume mid-July (the 17th) for Season Two. I'll be planning out the next season during this short hiatus, so if you have any requests for topics or any questions, please contact me at
  • Had my monthly review with an author friend of mine. I like these because they always get me back on track and inspired. 
  • I'M READING: In fiction, White is for Witching. Don't know if I like it yet. Non-fiction: YNAB. Nearing the end of them, so I'm thinking about my next reads, and because I'm going on vacation, I'll be bringing favorite authors and lighter reading. That means probably Sarah Addison Allen and Louise Penny, and the like.
  • No NEW PATRONS this week, but I hope you'll consider becoming a patron and helping me reach my FIRST Patreon goal. To earn $125 in monthly income from Patreon. When that happens...extra bonus Q&A episode for Patrons only. 
  • Think of it as an inexpensive mini coaching session with me!

Resources:, booksandtravel podcast, tex thompson's newsletter is either hilarious or inspiring, most times both. Go to to read about her and sign up for her newsletter. The blog is funny, too.


Main topic: Book launch, Part Two